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Does your business qualify?

If your company is a limited company and is registered to pay tax in the UK then you may be eligible to make an R&D claim. We cover all business sectors and so please contact us if you would you would like to discuss if a claim is feasible.

The Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Scheme

A company may claim as an SME if it meets the employee criterion and either the turnover or balance sheet criteria.

  • Less than 500 employees and
  • Turnover not exceeding €100 million or
  • Balance Sheet total not exceeding €86 million

The current costs uplift on qualifying SME expenditures is 225%

Large Company (LC) Scheme

If a company is not defined as an SME it is a LC. Currently the uplift rate for LCs is 130%. This rate of claim will apply to accounting periods up to the 1st April 2013.

The Research and Development Expenditure Credit Scheme (RDEC)

The RDEC scheme was introduced in April 2013 and replaces the previously announced ‘Above The Line’ (ATL) scheme. RDEC is a cash credit for large companies’ research and development.

The claim mechanism is new for RDEC and an important change allows R&D losses to be surrendered for either a cash tax credit or to be carried forward to offset against a future period.