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R & D

We provide specialist advice and professional support to businesses and institutions wishing to apply for R&D Tax Credits. Very often businesses organically develop new methods and enhancements to the products they offer without realising that they can make a claim for very valuable tax credits from HMRC, or funding from various government departments allotted specifically for this purpose.

By working closely with clients we offer services which assist companies appraise their innovation/R&D activities on which claims for R&D Tax Credits may be made to HMRC, or applications for grants and/or funding.

The following are just a few of the many areas that we are able to assist with;

  • Full R&D Tax Credit applications.
  • Identification and evaluation of grant project proposals that meet specified criteria for funding and assistance.
  • Preparation and submission of full application documentation as required by the awarding body.
  • Preparation of suitable business plans and supporting financial information and funding projections.
  • On-line and electronic submission systems.
  • Briefing and supporting clients on negotiations with awarding bodies.
  • Provision of ongoing support for project monitoring and drawdown of funds.
  • Collaborative Partner Search.

By providing a highly flexible range of skilled services across funding for capital projects and innovation, we are able to undertake work for clients not only throughout the United Kingdom but also across Europe.