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Capital Allowances

Property Embedded Fixtures and Features (PEFFs) specialist allowances may be claimed on most types of commercial property, from retail through to industrial units or offices and factories or bars, hotels and restaurants. PEFFs can also be claimed on residential buy to let properties that are let to more than one unrelated persons such as student accommodation.

So whilst these are undoubtedly valuable allowances to claim, largely these allowances do go unclaimed as many advisors can overlook these as they require specialist knowledge to be identified.

We provide a specialist service which ensures that no allowance is overlooked and we do that by working closely with clients, so that in conjunction with our specialist surveyors, we can ensure that every aspect of a claim is addressed throughout the following process;

• Presentation of concept with client and advisor
• Conduct full research on clients claim
• Present results of research and engage
• Carry out specialist surveys and valuations
• Carry out due diligence
• Prepare report to client
• Submit and support claim to HMRC
• Report back on deliverable benefits to client and advisor

By working closely with a client and their accountant or business advisor, and by dealing with HMRC throughout the whole process of the claim from start to finish, we believe that we offer an unrivalled opportunity for success with the minimum of disruption to both client and business.