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C3 Marketing

Market Research

Excentra was engaged to conduct a defined market research project to identify attitudes and perceptions of C3 and its products, benchmarking against competitors in order to understand customer needs and its position in the market.

All data was captured centrally on our analysis software (responses were captured and collated in real-time throughout the survey) and on completion of the fieldwork a full report was produced.

The report detailed findings, including key messages, data charts and comments, as well as the overall results the report included expert interpretation, as well as conclusions and recommendations.

Marketing Plan

Excentra created a strategic 1 year plan which supported C3 with its business goals.

Excentra analyised competitor research, defined target markets and against which it positioned the C3 business. Excentra then explored marketing channels and proposed the best marketing mix for C3 as well as supporting / providing month by month actions to execute the strategy against budgets. C3 found that creating this plan with Excentra allowed all marketing support to come from one company, rather than a series of freelancers working on isolated projects. This holistic view ensured that new ideas which were proposed were discussed with one company that understood the full picture.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Despite the huge investment most businesses make to drive Using the customer journey and combining this with the internal workloads/processes an easy to use custom developed CRM was introduced. This now enables senior members of staff to create business reports and make intelligent business decisions across departments from lead generation to invoicing.

Accessing the CRM via desktop, web browser and mobile app, and on Apple and Windows platforms allows C3 to focus on opportunities everywhere whether this is in the office, out of the office or on holiday! The CRM supports the entire process from importing of names to campaign generation, lead tracking and conversion of opportunities to live jobs. Having all this integrated into C3’s job system gives end-to-end visibility of campaign effectiveness and no need for data re-entry and means that everyone is seeing the same live information at all times.

Company Process Mapping

Excentra mapped out C3’s customer journeys and introduced bespoke business processes which now underpin the day to day running of the company increasing efficiency and productivity.

Customer Business Development appointments were increased by 300%.

Lead Generation / Appointment Making

With the increased amount of leads generated for C3, Excentra also provided a telemarketing service which quickly became a valuable addition to the C3 Business and creates highly focused sales appointments for C3’s Business Development team.

Lead generation working processes were also put in place in conjunction with other aspects of the marketing strategy. This allowed the telemarketer to spend less time researching and more time speaking to potential clients which resulted in fewer cold calls being made to achieve C3’s targets.


Client engagement increased from 19% to 35%


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