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Alterations were made to the existing website to increase engagement and to attract new visitors. Visitor journeys were mapped and drop off pages were identified with clear call to actions introduced. Within a 6 month period the number of visits had increased by 89% with 30% more pages viewed and the number of goal conversions up by 400%.

To improve online presence further a new website is in development.


Both paid and organic campaigns were introduced online. Keywords and key phrases were carefully selected and are now responsible for 21.9% of visitors finding the website.

Lead Generation

Despite the huge investment most businesses make to drive traffic to their website, in reality only 2% of business visitors go on to make an enquiry.

The lead generation software placed on C3’s website was designed with one aim in mind – B2B lead generation, allowing C3 to identify those unknown visitors and provide full contact details so that they can make contact with them. The client portal provides access to a variety of reports allowing C3 to truly measure volume of traffic and identify these visitors from various marketing channels.

The tool also allows C3 to identify any upgrade and cross sell opportunities with existing clients by looking at their specific actions on the website. C3 can then tailor any subsequent communication to the visitor and support a more successful outcome.


Email acquisition and retention campaigns were also launched introducing a new channel for website visits. Acquisition email open rates were increased from 14% to 26%, well above the 11% industry average and retention rates up from 13% to 56%. Engagement for these campaigns were increased from 11% to 23% for acquisition and from 19% to 35% for retention.

This new channel now attracts 45.4% of all website traffic.


This system turns your unknown web visitors into leads.


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