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We can help businesses navigate the obstacles they face when marketing to new and retained clients alike.

Successful marketing helps you to build your business into the success you want it to be. Successful marketing is about successful communication. Only by communicating clearly and honestly with both your retained clients and your potential new clients or customers will you know what they want and be able to deliver that to them. By delivery of the right messages in an efficient way, Excentra works with owner managed businesses and their teams to build the foundations they need to ensure marketing success and growth.

Marketing by C3 provides the following essentials to achieve success in your project.

Skill Set

Marketing by C3's unique mix of sales and marketing skills provide the expertise which will be required to drive delivery of a successful project. We can also provide support from marketing and industry specialists as and when required.

Client Satisfaction

Delivery of excellent business outcomes with strong client relationships and a suite of services that address the needs of our clients.


End to end strategy by combining our industry experts, flexible technology and results based delivery.

Focus on Return On Investment

Focus on quality and continuous improvement delivering marketing resources which drive insight and deliver savings.


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‐ Acquire & retain new customers

‐ Deliver customer insights

‐ Optimise marketing spend