Finance for Pension Funds

SSAS and SIPPs can invest in commercial property and the primary reason to purchase or hold property within a pension fund, SSAS or SIPP, is to maximise the tax advantages of holding investments in property in a tax efficient structure.

However, the borrowing is restricted to a maximum of 50% of the fund value. The purchase of a property in this way can be supplemented by borrowing the balance outside the pension fund - subject to the lender’s criteria. In this way, the borrowing could be on a joint basis – but with the ownership vested solely in the name of the fund.

We work closely with our panel of lenders who have a comprehensive understanding of finance for pension funds to ensure that you receive professional advice in finding the product and terms that are most beneficial to you.

Whilst we are not regulated to provide advice on pensions or investments, we work in close conjunction with our specialists, who are appropriately regulated.