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Do you know if the terms you receive from your current provider are the best available in the market today? Lack of time, or simply inertia, is often the reason why most businesses or borrowers do not review or change existing arrangements and the cost of not doing so can be significant.

Often, long-standing customers are those who receive the least competitive terms and conditions. It is important therefore that you regularly review existing facilities and are aware of what is available from other banks and lenders. We can act on your behalf when negotiating with existing providers, or we can arrange for a refinance package to be put in place if negotiations prove unsuccessful.

On occasion, lenders may seek to vary the terms and conditions and facility covenants, especially when a customer’s circumstances change. We are fluent in the language of lenders - and can act on your behalf in discussions and negotiations. This can be on a transactional basis, but we will strive to understand your business so that we can provide support, when and where you need it.