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Corporate Finance by C3.

Ultimately, under-capitalisation and the need for cash in a business, is a fundamental factor why many businesses, which could be successful, fail. Additionally, due to the well-documented economic issues we have recently faced in the UK, it has never been more difficult to obtain funding despite the fact valuable funding is available.

Unfortunately many businesses fail to obtain the funding they require because they underestimate the importance of the application process. Often, the correct presentation of the key facts on which an application is based is overlooked with the result that the application is rejected.

With experience gained from assisting clients with a wide range of funding requirements within the commercial banking sector, we fully understand how to match the requirements of the commercial funding providers with the needs of borrowers throughout the entire process.

By working with an extensive panel of specialists we will prepare and present your client’s application in a way required by the proposed lender. To achieve this we will meet with you and your clients to discuss their requirements in great detail, gather all information required for the application and produce a comprehensive proposal which, once approved, we will lodge and liaise with the lender from application through to the draw-down of the facility.