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We offer a unique mix of business services to Accountants, Law firms and Financial Advisors, which are not otherwise available in one place. The breadth of these services provides a unique opportunity for professional advisors and their clients’ to benefit from a range of specialist advice across a variety of different business areas, all under one roof - thus removing the time consuming job of sourcing high-end specialist advice from a range of third parties.

Services provided by us have been developed to provide added value to advisors who simply do not have the necessary internal time or resource to offer such a range of specialist business services.
We are an established firm of experienced and innovative tax specialists who develop and implement a range of tax planning solutions.
Our specialist consultants are happy to carry out site visits to discuss your requirements or to have an initial telephone conversation.
We provide a specialist service which ensures that no allowance is overlooked in conjunction with our specialist surveyors.
We work with you to create marketing strategies which exceed your business objectives.
We offer a complete professional service for anyone seeking any type of business or property finance. 
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We provide specialist advice and professional support to businesses and institutions wishing to apply for publicly funded incentives and government grants. 
Insight by C3
The Patent Box scheme came into force in April 2013 and enables companies to apply a lower rate of Corporation Tax to profits earned from its patents after this date.